Terms of Service

Last updated on July 18th, 2021

By ordering a commission from me you are agreeing to these terms.

• I, the artist, reserve the right to refuse your request for any reason.
• I am not obligated to lower my prices, under any circumstance.
• You must read and agree to these terms before ordering a commission.
• You must be over the age of 18 to order a commission.

Regarding the artwork
• I may take as long as I need to deliver the completed artwork.
• I will send you the first draft or sketch for approval, and will only continue working on it after your approval.
• You may ask for progress updates of the process at any point in time.
• Once the artwork is completed, you will receive an unwatermarked PNG file, and you may use the image however you wish (profile icons, roleplay, promotional images, etc.)
• I am not obligated to remove my signature from the image.
• I may post the artwork on social media without asking. If you do not wish to have it posted by me, please tell me beforehand.

• If you ask for a refund at any point when I'm working on your commission, you will only receive a portion of your payment back.
• You are not eligible for a refund during the polishing and shading phases of the artwork creation process.
• You are not eligible for a refund after the artwork has been completed.



Headshot: $15
Half-body: $20
Fullbody: $22

Flat color

Headshot: $20
Half-body: $25
Fullbody: $30


Headshot: $25
Half-body: $30
Fullbody: $40


Simple background: $15
Includes simple elements, such as sky, clouds, grass.Outlines of building or trees in the distance, objects far away or out of focus,Not as finely rendered or detailed.

Semi-complex background: $30
Includes nature elements, such as trees, rocks, cliffs, etc.Finely rendered details, but simpler and more organic shapes.

Complex background: $40
Includes man-made objects such as cars, computers, etc.Finely rendered and complex shapesMore use of perspective.

Extra info

What I can draw:
Anthros, Human/Humanoid, FeralMecha (very complex designs might add to the price)Adult art/NSFWCouples/shipping
What I'd rather not draw:
Chibi, CartoonyMultiple panels/progression shots
I might draw:
Anything that's not listed, just ask!