Terms of Service

Last updated on December 4th, 2021

By ordering a commission from me you are agreeing to these terms.

First person terms (I, me, myself) within these conditions refer to the artist of the commissioned artwork. Second person terms (You, your, yourself) refer to the client or buyer of the artwork.


• I reserve the right to refuse your request for any reason.
• Prices are subject to change at my discretion.
• You must be over the age of 18 to order a commission.

Regarding the artwork

• I may take as long as I need to deliver the completed artwork.
• I will send you the first draft or sketch for approval, and will only continue working on it after your approval.
• You may ask for progress updates of the process at any point in time.
• I am not obligated to remove my signature from the image.
• I may post the artwork on social media without asking. If you do not wish to have it posted by me, please tell me beforehand.

Usage of the artwork

• Once the artwork is completed, you will receive an unwatermarked PNG file, and you may use the image however you wish (profile icons, roleplay avatars, promotional images, book covers etc.)
• You are not permitted use the artwork to promote hate speech or political campaigns.
• You are not permitted to use the artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens, cryptocurrency or any blockchain related technology.


• If you ask for a refund at any point when I'm working on your commission, you will only receive a portion of your payment back.
• You are not eligible for a refund during the polishing and shading phases of the artwork creation process.
• You are not eligible for a refund after the artwork has been completed.



Headshot: $15
Half-body: $20
Fullbody: $22

Flat color

Headshot: $20
Half-body: $25
Fullbody: $30


Headshot: $25
Half-body: $30
Fullbody: $45



Includes simple elements, such as sky, clouds, grass.Outlines of building or trees in the distance, objects far away or out of focus,Not as finely rendered or detailed.

Semi complex

Includes nature elements, such as trees, rocks, cliffs, etc.Finely rendered details, but simpler and more organic shapes.


Includes man-made objects such as cars, computers, etc.Finely rendered and complex shapesMore use of perspective.

Extra info

What I can draw:
Anthros, Human/Humanoid, FeralMecha (very complex designs might add to the price)Adult art/NSFWCouples/shipping
What I'd rather not draw:
Chibi, CartoonyMultiple panels/progression shots
I might draw:
Anything that's not listed, just ask!